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Have you ever thought about the unique relationship between branding, marketing, and sales and how that relationship controls your revenue? We say “relationship” because it is the distinct way these dynamics relate to one another that matters. There is a hierarchy that must be understood and operated in to achieve business growth.

Brand Before Everything

“How important is branding for my business to grow?” If you haven’t asked yourself this question, ask now. Brand is the pervading reality that infuses itself into every other aspect of your business whether you like it or not. Your brand is happening before, during, and after every customer interaction. It happens when you mean for it to, and it happens when you don’t. Brand is the inevitable experience-perception that is being formed by everyone that encounters your company. It is present in the essence and ethos of your BrandSoul, and it lingers always in someone’s mind. It influences the customer and is influenced by them. Therefore you must harness it’s power.

Your marketing and sales strategy should be informed by your brand strategy. Brand before everything. A properly articulated brand strategy is what makes a marketing campaign effective and efficient. No marketing effort can reach its potential unless it rides the power currents of brand. Understanding this will exponentially multiply your business. This is why we take a “brand first” approach to all questions of logo and website design, advertising, sales strategy, and more. How should we advertise? Depends on your brand.

Marketing Before Sales

Your marketing strategy should be what creates the market atmosphere for your sales efforts to succeed. A properly formed market strategy understands the values, behaviors, and buying triggers for your target audience. Before you decide how to sell your product, you must ask, “who are you selling it to?” and “what is the best way to reach them?” A highly successful sales initiative is empowered by a proper marketing strategy. Brand informs marketing. Marketing informs sales. This is the Client Acquisition Hierarchy.

Successful Sales Initiatives

A skillfully executed sales effort will be informed by branding and marketing. Sales should be easy when they follow a properly developed and funded marketing strategy, which has been informed by a properly developed and funded brand strategy. “Sales” are essentially when you convert the target prospect to your service or product. The prospect experiences your offering through your brand and marketing presence. When creating a sales plan, ask yourself whether you have duly considered the Client Acquisition Hierarchy. Find out what you can do to support and undergird a successful sales campaign. If you don’t know how to do that, contact a professional. It’s what they get paid to do and they love doing it.

The Overlap

There is a space where branding and marketing overlap, and where marketing and sales overlap. Where these overlap, they are virtually indistinguishable. There is a branding element to marketing and a marketing element to branding. There is a marketing element to sales and a sales element to marketing. These three elements of the Client Acquisition Hierarchy are distinct but share attributes in common. This overlap is what causes people to fail to distinguish between them. It is important to understand the overlap and how to take advantage of those qualities. But is also detrimental to ignore the distinctions. Learn how to utilize them for your profit.

Branding Marketing and Sales Strategy

In a highly competitive market, being able to harness the power of these crucial aspects of your business may be what determines your success. It will certainly determine your revenue growth. Remember, brand happens all the time, with or without intentionality. Our branding, marketing, and sales efforts should be guided by a professional strategy. What you leave to chance is left to failure. Success must happen on purpose. All of your entities, operations, funding, administration, product development, production, or anything else, is of no use to you or your customers unless you can strategically and consistently deliver it your customers. For this reason, the Client Acquisition Hierarchy may be the highest ROI item you invest in this year.

An excellent strategy doesn’t cost you money. It makes you money.

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